There are many reasons why getting a personal trainer is essential to achieve your health, fitness, and wellness goals. Whether your goal is to recover from an injury, weight-loss, body building, sports-specific training, or simply to start moving, a personal trainer can help you achieve your goals, no matter what they are, in the safest way and in a timely manner. A good personal trainer will help you explore your goals, your aspirations, what makes you feel good in your skin, what will boost your confidence, and help you achieve them. The idea is that it is all about you! It is absolutely important to understand that everyone is different and what works for most people may or may not work for you. It is your trainer`s job to figure out all the combinations of exercises, nutrition guidelines and behavioral modifications that will help you succeed. Below are the main benefits of hiring a personal trainer/health coach.


We believe the most important reason has to be EDUCATION. Nowadays, most personal trainers and health coaches are well educated in fields such as Kinesiology, Biomedical Physiology, Biochemistry, Biology, Biomechanics, Anatomy, Nutrition, Psychology, and many other exercise science related specializations. The point is, a personal trainer with the right education understands how your body works. They know which exercises are the best for you and exactly how you should perform each of them, to reduce the risks of serious injuries. Many people each year get injured exercising because they simply do not know how to exercise correctly. Injuries can seriously impact your health and fitness for a long time if not done properly. This is why we believe everyone should seek the help of a qualified health professional to learn and understand the proper techniques.


Your Personal Trainer understands that everyone is different in terms our abilities and unique requirements when it comes to exercise. For instance, an old knee injury that required surgery a couple years ago, but since then you have not done anything to rebuild the muscle around that area or improve mobility. Well, you will be glad to know that your personal trainer is educated enough to still get you in shape, despite your injuries. Your personal trainer is able to tailor an exercise plan based on your unique needs and requirements. Your personal trainer is also able to stay in touch with your Doctor, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, and even your Psychologist. So you see, no matter what the problem is, talk to us to find an exercise program that works for you. If your problem is beyond our professional scope of practice, we will help you find someone who can help you.


How many times have you gone to bed telling yourself that you will wake up and go for a run or go to the gym, and then wake up and decide to sleep for another hour instead? This is one of the most important role of your personal trainer. You will be spending your time, effort and money, as well as the time of your personal trainer. Having a personal trainer will ensure that you show up and commit to your fitness goals, because it is harder to justify blowing off a scheduled appointment with your trainer. Whether you can only train ridiculously early in the morning, or during your lunch break, or mid-afternoon before the kids come home from school, a personal trainer is one of the most versatile professions in terms or hours. Your personal trainer understands that different people have different availabilities, and will tailor appointment times to see you.


Our personal trainers are educated with the latest research and findings to give you the best guidance and recommendations if you are struggling with your nutrition. Your personal trainer will educate you about the pillars of good nutrition, provide you strategies to improve your eating habits, and empower you to adopt healthful lifestyle changes. Most people tend to have a hard time following a strict diet. Your trainer/coach will help you at every step, when you are at your lowest to nudge you in the right direction. It is like having a guardian angel on your shoulder, keeping you from falling behind and keep you on track. Most people do extremely well with small constructive changes to their diets rather than a sudden change in lifestyle. Your trainer will ease you into adopting a healthy eating habit, so there`s no need to stress out about your diet. Remember, everyone is different, so your AJCORE FITNESS Personal Trainer will give you the best advice based on your current health conditions and goals.